Create an organization

If you are working with your friends on something you expect to be meaningful or valuable, you might want to improve the ways you hold each other accountable for the progress. Or if it fails, at least have a record of your personal contribution.

Click on the + icon to start creating your own organization.

Give it a name and a description

The description should ideally contain a public vision or mission statement.

Other people will need to quickly identify what the organization exists for. It will be publicly visible on your organization page:

You can add a website, community and knowledge base URL, which gives contributors external information to browse.

New or external contributors who apply to your projects will confirm reading the terms & conditions document. You can write anything you want them to agree to before working on a project.

Managers have permission to create projects in any team. You can add yourself if you're not sure, or anyone from the people you trust the most to create and manage projects.

Add a logo and hit create.

Please be mindful when creating your organization.

Once you started projects and contributors have completed the work, the records will be on their profiles forever.

If you need to delete your organization, please reach out to us.

Deleting your organization will not remove the work from people's profiles though!

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