Async Communication

In decentralized and open organizations, async communication plays a crucial role and involves different modes, like rapid chat-based interactions and slower-paced online forums for capturing knowledge. Asynchronous public communication also helps in onboarding new members and gathering feedback for continuous improvement.

Channels for Communication

Channels for asynchronous communication can include platforms for quick exchanges (eg. WhatsApp, Telegram, and Discord), more stable and structured information (eg. Notion, Coda), and forums/online communities/platforms with comment sections for longer discussions and collaboration on specific topics. The choice of communication channel depends on the speed and stability of communication required for different types of interactions within the organization.

In the early stage of an organization or during more intense projects, it's more efficient to rely on fast-paced communication.

Healthy Communication Standards

One key aspect is promoting honest and open communication while effectively resolving conflicts. Learn more here:

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