Recurring Process Design

In some cases, it's clear that a project needs to be recurring and repeated over time. In this case, it's sometimes easier to approach it from a user-journey perspective.

Example system: Food management in a coliving space

In the coliving house Fool's Valley, residents want to have a smooth and sustainable system for interaction with food and the kitchen areas.

Each individual has different dietary requirements, and groceries are not immediately accessible, but daily communal dinners are an important piece of the culture. By clearly aligning on the key challenges in the system, the team could create clear user journeys for different "roles" in the system:

  • Steward, who makes sure that everyone follows the process

  • Participants, who review each other's dietary preferences and cook together

  • Procurer, who shops for groceries at specific times

After agreeing on the most important challenges and considerations of the system, the team sketched user journeys for each role.

Read about how to approach it yourself here:

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