Mission Alignment

By following this workflow, organizations can maintain a strong sense of mission alignment, empowering team members to work cohesively towards shared goals.

Gather the core team members and stakeholders to conduct a workshop where they define the organization's mission, vision, and values. Discuss and agree on the overall purpose and long-term goal of the organization, as well as the guiding principles and beliefs that will shape its actions.

The examples below are extracted from online workshops with the team from Obol.tech You can find the full whiteboard session here.

Long-Term Goal

Aligning on the long-term goal helps form a clear vision for the team and motivates them to explore the uncertain future.

What? How? Why?

Discuss what exactly the team is currently doing right, how it's being achieved, and most importantly, why it matters.


Values will be linguistic artifacts that what the team thinks of itself. They will inevitably be reflected in all work and externally-facing material.

Target Audience Identification

During the workshop, also identify and define the target audiences the organization aims to reach. Understand who the organization wants to communicate with, serve, or impact, and why these audiences are important.

Documentation and Adherence

Document the mission, vision, values, and target audiences clearly, and share them with all team members and contributors. Ensure everyone understands and agrees with the defined elements, fostering a shared sense of purpose.

Onboarding Communication

Incorporate the mission alignment into the onboarding process for new team members and contributors. Provide clear information on the organization's mission and values, explaining how they fit into the bigger picture.

Review and Adaptation

Remember to periodically review the mission alignment's effectiveness and relevance in response to changing circumstances or organizational growth. For most teams, this doesn't need to happen more often than once a year.

Alignment with context-based teams and projects

Ensure that all projects undertaken by the organization align with its mission, vision, and values. Projects should contribute to the overall purpose and target audiences, reinforcing the organization's identity.

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