Project Management Tooling

In order to simplify decentralized project management in communities and online-native organizations, we built the app Deep Teams.

Using it requires a basic understanding of this guide, learn more about it here.

Establish Internal and Public Documentation

  1. Set up internal documentation to ensure all team members can access necessary information and files.

  2. Create a public-facing documentation platform to provide transparency and enable external stakeholders to understand the organization's work and processes. Public documentation will also attract contributors who share your values and repel those who don't.

Set up a Calendar System

Implement a calendar system to schedule meetings, track deadlines, and manage project timelines effectively. This ensures accountability and helps team members stay on track with their responsibilities.

Implement Reputation Tracking Mechanism

Think about how to establish a system to track and recognize individual contributions within the organization. This should ideally start with a manual assessment of performance, contributions, and skills to reward team members adequately. Once you are clear on the processes, find tools to support these.

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