Welcome to the Tech Support Guild!

This Gitbook is documentation for those interested in contributing to the Tech Support Guild.

If you are a user looking for support or have any questions about Aragon products, please refer to the Aragon Help Desk for FAQ's and to submit a support request. Alternatively, you can reach out on the #❓|questions channel on Discord for support. A Tech Support Guild member will get back to you within the next 48 hours.


Aragon is building the first decentralized support model for the Aragon suite of products. This is a huge challenge and exciting ambition for the Aragon community.
The Technical Support Guild is one of the working groups being integrated into the Aragon Network DAO (AN DAO). The guild itself is on the front-line of the Aragon Network, representing the first interactions with new users of Aragon's suite of products. Members of the guild are presented with a unique, exciting opportunity for exposure into the Web3 space.

Guild Objective

Help Aragon users resolve technical issues and answer questions in the:
  • #❓|questions and # 🏗︱tech-support-guild channels on Discord
  • HelpScout ticketing system

Points of Contact

Tech Support Guild is currently managed (subject to change) by:
  • @Artem Grigor (Guild Operations) [ArtemG#8172]
  • @Brent (Head of Technical Support) [Brent#0083]
  • @anson parker (Tech Support Guild Member) [anson parker #4296]
Aragon Network DAO points of contact:
  • @Taylor Rawlings (Community Management) [Tayy#3241]
  • @Ben Perez (People) [b3n#2074]
  • @Luca Vento (Growth & Supervision) [LucaVJ | aragon.org #8492]
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