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What is Astro?

Astro is a platform for launching Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. DAOs are self-organized groups that form around common purposes. Membership, decision making, and funding are coordinated in public on a tamper proof blockchain.
With Astro, DAOs will be able to retain more autonomy and, importantly, cast the net further in regards to governance through increased flexibility and the introduction of governance tokens. Groups anywhere in the world to make decisions together, collectively.
Astro comes with a host of new features, more flexibility, and a friendly UI that makes launching a DAO super simple.
No Code Solution to Launching a DAO
Strong Polling system with easy to execute UI for Governance
Any fungible token can be used including Stable Coins; reducing risks from crypto volatility
Environment that supports Cross-DAO accountability and collaboration
Flexible Role Based Voting Policies addressing different community needs

Key Features

DEMOCRATIC BY DEFAULT -> Decisions like distributing funds, and adding members happen through an intuitive and transparent voting process.
SHARED TREASURY -> Funds are held in a treasury and are always distributed through a community-defined process.
FLEXIBLE GOVERNANCE -> Who votes and how it works can be precisely configured to meet a community’s preferred operating style.
Have questions? We have answers in Astro-UI Discussions!
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